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We're only a couple weeks away for the new school year!

We're getting excited, a little nervous, but excited too, for the new school year!

It's going to be a totally different experience this year, but Mr. Humphrey and all the teachers and staff at Idlewild are working hard to make it a great year.

We'll all be picking up school supplies, workbooks, textbooks, and store items before school starts on August 31st. Mr. Humphrey will email everyone the pickup schedule and we'll post it as soon as we've received.

SCS will hopefully post Idlewild's device pickup dates soon.

And we've got a brand new tee to start the 2020-21 school with!!

Available in adult and youth, long sleeve and short sleeve, order yours by September 18th to get you tie dye Idlewild tees!!

Head over to the online store today!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 21, 2021

Thank youu

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