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The Penguin Patch is OPEN!

Every year we have so much fun helping the kids shop for their friends and family! We are really going to miss helping them with their budgets and seeing their delight when they find that perfect gift (even when it's a "#1 Grandpa" trophy for their uncle).

We can all agree the ability to budget is a key part of growing up. The Penguin Patch Holiday Shop gives our students the ability to shop safely for loved ones while also budgeting wisely.

This year, since we can't be in person, our shop is ONLINE and continues until December 4th.

Give your child a total budget. Help them enter who they need to shop for and then turn around! You don't want to see what you're getting!

Penguin Patch will ship all gifts to your home with bags for your child to wrap the gifts in!

Bring joy to your kid and place your order at to ensure guaranteed delivery for Christmas.

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