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October Update

Happy Friday, Eagles!

Thanks to all who joined us last night for our monthly meeting. We loved having so many parents with us, next time consider turning your cameras on so we can all see each other and get to know faces and names!

We'll post the meeting minutes as soon as our lovely secretary types them up for us.

If you want to help us fundraise, please consider adding us to you Kroger and Amazon accounts. Follow these links to find us!

Kroger, Idlewild Elementary PTO.

Amazon, IdlewildElementary School PTO.

Currently the Online PTO Store is closed. We're waiting on the tie dye tees to arrive (should be soon!) and then we'll schedule a pickup date and reopen the store. If you ordered those tees, we'll send you an email with pickup info. If you ordered royal tees or spirit week swag and missed the pick up date, you have 2 options. You can email us at to request a pickup from a volunteer's midtown home or you can wait until the next scheduled pickup. If we still have your order when we schedule that pickup, we will email you the pickup info.

If you missed joining the PTO during the first month of school, that's ok!

This year, we're going to be accepting membership year-round! We know it's hard to keep track of all computer and virtual things, but we don't want you to miss out on joining the Idlewild PTO!

As soon as the online Store reopens, you'll be available to join the PTO there! We'll still be accepting varying amounts; you choose the amount that suits your family!

We hope you all have a nice weekend. Please stay safe and healthy!

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