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Become an Idlewild PTO Member Today!

We're doing things a little different this year. Usually we hold a Membership Drive during the first couple of months of the school year and we raise as much as $9,000. This year, however, we want to keep Membership open rather than doing a Drive. We know how crazy these times are and understand that it's hard to keep up with the little things some weeks, but we want all our families to have the opportunity to join the PTO and be involved in what we do to contribute to making Idlewild a wonderful place for our kids.

We've raised some money on membership and tee/ hoodie sales this year but

by this time in a "normal" year we've bought teachers lunches and dinners, held get-togethers for parents and students, and of course, planned and organized the Carnival. And historically we've raised anywhere from $11,000- $15,000 by this point in the year.

Please consider joining the PTO this year! We would love some new faces and new ideas! Even though we can't physically be together, Idlewild still needs us to raise funds and we need YOU to help us make it happen!

Join today at

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